We Pack on Thursdays (GMT +8), Post orders on Fri/Sat, Update order status on Sun! (More Info)


(02/10/22) All orders are out!
Hello! Wanted to let everyone know that we are currently all up to date with all our orders! yay! If you have a missing order/ missing tracking, do email me to check or check via the Order tracking page!
There will be a few pre-orders and Halloween goodies coming soon! 

(30/08/22) Paused postage
Order postage will be paused for booth week and kickstarter week! All new orders will be sent out mid Sept! Thank you everyone for your patience!

(12/08/22) Store Re-Open!
Leaf evwelution pin is delayed due to remake! Apologies to all Pre-orders!! 🙁 New stock will be up once all pre-orders have been sent out!


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