Item Schedules

This schedule will update you on everything going on in the store! This is also a list for me to organize my item and events schedules!

Last Update: 28/10/2022

Thank you for your patience! Please follow us on Twitter and insta for Stock and Shop updates!

Store Schedule

Oct 2022
★ Fulfillment Hiatuses

Nov 2022
★ Singapore AFA Booth 25-27th Nov
★ Fulfillment Hiatuses
★ Potion Charms Collab Kickstarter Fulfillment

Dec 2022
★ Public Garden Booth 24-25th Dec
★ Pre-order fulfillments
★Store break!

Restocks/New Stocks

March 2022
★Spring Time Bunny – Donut, Parfait, Sakura

Nov 2022
★Usabean Plushie


!These will not be restocked once they are sold out!
KnY: Tanjiro and Nezuko Heart Pins
FF7 Group Heart Pin
KH: Destiny Trio Heart Pin
CCS couple Charms (ToYuki, LeeSaku)
MHA 25MM pins
Link and Zelda Double sided charm
Ye ol’ scottish Trainer Charm
OMG Emote bubble Acrylic Pins
★Usabean Acrylic Charms
★Usabean Shaker Charms