Product Quality Variations

Standard Variation (A Grade)

“Standard” Variations are your normal quality products, as expected and seen in photos. These have been sorted out to the best of our abilities. They should have no obvious defects and are classified as fit to sell for full price!

Imperfections for Standard quality may include:

PINS (Please note that these items are 100% hand made and will not be completely free from imperfections!):
-Light Scratches/dents/buff marks on the metal or enamel
-Specks of dirt in enamel, not too noticeable.
-Imperfections on the back or edges of the pin

-Kiss cuts may take some effort to peel off.
-Slight rough cutting around the edges

-Slightly grainy printing on close up.
-Very light scratches

Seconds Variation (B Grade)

“Seconds” Variations refers to items with slight defects such as scratches, markings that cannot be removed. However the item is still usable and most defects may not be obvious on first glance. We offer these products up for a lower price to those who may want the item and do not mind the slight defect/ difference from the original intended item! Defects may vary based on design due to them being made in batches.

What Kind of defects would be classified as a “Seconds”?

Below is a list of items and the possible defects it might have:

– Observable scratches on the Metal and Enamel surfaces
-Large Enamel coating scratches >0.5cm
-Uneven Enamel sections and dents
-Obvious dirt marks
-Slight scratch/fade over off-set printed colours
-Discolouring on metal
-Metal scuffing

-Colour difference/ fade
-Cutting issues and obvious misalignments

-Obvious Large Scratches
-Printing Errors